Aftercare & Maintenance Services

Historically, Water Treatment Companies Clean and Chlorinate GRP Tanks. Sometimes this is also done in-house. This often leads to long-term problems. Water Tanks require more than just Cleaning and Chlorinating.

We have found that once they have been cleaned we are called out to fix an issue which has occurred when refilling the Tank with water. In addition, Tanks are often misused or neglected when it comes to maintaining the Tank itself. This tends to cost more in the long-term.

Cleaning and Maintenance


Rest Assured, we can help

We are water Tank specialists and we offer the full package. We maintain, as well as clean and chlorinate our Tanks. Once we have finished with your tank, it will be in prime condition and working order without any issues.



All Decca Tanks are fully warranted for a period of twelve months from the date of water testing and final commissioning which is completed by our own Engineers. This is standard. Nevertheless, we recommend the Tank is not only Cleaned and Chlorinated but it is also maintained annually. We offer extended warranty packages for all our products.

It is expected under normal conditions that GRP Tanks and static associated peripherals would have maintenance free service life of approximately twenty years. However, accessories and parts, such as Valves, Fixings and Bracings, will still require Servicing and/or Replacements during this time. We highly recommend that we complete a Full Service on our GRP Tanks once per year. This helps keep the Tank in prime condition for its lifetime. It is very common that Tanks are neglected for many years before servicing is considered. By this time it is often too late, and a Tank replacement is then required. Whereas maintaining the Tank yearly, over a period of time, can prolong the life span of your Tank while also providing quality water supply.



Our Annual Tank Servicing Includes:

  • Drain water out of the Tank and complete a Full Internal and External Inspection.
    (If the tank has a Maintenance Divider, the Tank Compartments will be done individually, so that the water supply is never affected).
  • The Tank is Cleaned throughout
    (or Tank Compartments)
  • Overflows and Breathers are Cleaned
  • Replace any Fixings which may have rusted due to elements
  • All fixings and Bracings to be Re-tightened
  • Replace any Corner Angles which may have corroded
  • All Tank Sealant and Seals to be fully Checked and Inspected
    New Seals applied where necessary
  • Any reported leaks during the course of the year to be investigated and repaired accordingly.
    This is subject to an on-site survey from Decca Tanks Engineers.


Note: Any other parts other than listed above can be replaced but these are chargeable.

Different Warranty Packages are available. We currently offer Monthly, 1, 3 or 5 years deals. Other deals may also available.

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