Oil Tanks

DECCA Oil Tanks are produced using measured quantities of top quality materials in precision engineered matched moulds.

DECCA's confidence in its products with years of experience and the future of fluid storage has led the company to develop a full range of Oil Storage and Fuel Station Tanks.

Oil Tanks



Oil Storage Tanks

By using these unique quality materials, combined with strict quality disciplines, DECCA offer the following benefits:

  • A 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects
  • Independently tested in all aspects and have been passed and approved to OFTEC OFS T100.
  • Tanks are supplied complete with all accessories for installation.



All the Oil Tanks come complete with the following

  • 4” (100mm) Inspection Point and Secure Cap
  • 2” BSP Threaded Fill Point (male)
  • 2” BSP Threaded Screw Cap (female)
  • 1” BSP Threaded Outlet (female)
  • 2” Vent
  • DECCA TANK APOLLO Ultrasonic Gauge (transmitter/receiver)
  • DECCA TANK Filter Valve Kit
  • 1” to 1/2” Adaptor & PTFE Tape
  • DECCA Bund Alarm (Fitted on Bunded Tanks only)
  • Secure Lockable Access Lid (Fitted on Bunded Tanks only



Oil Tanks are Complete with

  • Remote Reading Contents Gauge
  • 2" Fill Point, Cap and Chain
  • 45 Litre (approx) Submersible Pump
  • 4 Metres of Delivery Hose
  • Automatic Shut Off Nozzle
  • Key Switch
  • Flow Meter



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