GRP Combi Units

A Single Piece Bespoke Self-contained Pump Station combining the Tank compartment for Water Storage with the Dry Compartment which houses the Booster Set and any other equipment.

GRP Combi Units




Our Perfect Combination

The Combination Unit is available in any size or colour and can include a range of finishes including:

  • Smooth
  • Anti Vandal
  • Textured



Bespoke Combi Tank

Made to meet your exact requirements, we can modify our designs to meet your specific needs.

The pipework connections between the Tank compartment and Pump Set are within the unit. All that’s required is an Inlet, Outlet, Overflow and the Electrical supply connecting to and from the unit, ensuring “Plug and Play” easy site installation.

Lockable access door for increased security. Most units can be positioned using forklift trucks. Larger units may require crane lift.

If access is a problem, we offer the Sectional Combination Unit that can be built on site.


Combi Tanks are Great

From 2,000 to 20,000 litres or more, a Combi Tank can hold a varing amount of water.


  • No Install Fee*
  • Electrical Supply is availble inside the Housing Unit
  • Bespoke design to meet your specific needs

*Installation by a DPL Engineer is optional for the Sectional Panel Combi Units



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We’ve Got You Covered

We also provide a full maintenance and repair service on all our GRP Tanks.
Please contact our Aftercare Department here